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Lotto is my medical alert dog that has been placed with me by a nonprofit organization known as Dogs for Diabetics. D4D is a certified Assistance Dogs International program that trains and places dogs with diabetic candidates to detect hypoglycemia in their diabetic owners. Hypoglycemia is a term for low blood sugar, a common occurrence in type 1 diabetics that inject insulin into their bodies in order to avoid prolonged high blood sugars. Lotto is with me in order to assist with my symptoms associated with my diabetes. I have had Lotto since the summer of 2010 and he is with me around the clock. He comes to school with me everyday and has become an integral part of the classroom.

Like many other type 1 diabetics, I have lost the ability to sense when my blood sugar is rapidly dropping, or has become too low to properly function. This is where Lotto comes in; through his incredible sense of smell, he has the ability to know when my blood sugars are falling. On countless occasions he has alerted me, averting the medical emergency that had become too prevalent before this wonderful animal entered my life. His alerts give me time (approximately fifteen minutes) to act before my blood sugar drops to dangerous levels.

Lotto has become a warm presence in class. He has his own area in the corner of the room, but often times he will get up to go lie down in the front of the classroom, or under my desk. He does wander from time to time, checking in with curios students. I have experienced the impact he has had on my life. And, I have witnessed the positive effect he has had on many students, that sometimes come to school with their own challenging issues. From time to time, he plays the role of a therapy dog.

If you would like more information about Lotto, or if you have any concerns, please contact me at or 707-528-5404-2548. More information on the Dogs for Diabetics organization can be found by going to their website:


Casey Moore


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