Students will receive points for assignments completed.  Grades will be based on a combination of classwork and participation, homework, larger projects, essays and exams.  Please refer to the grading scale that was sent home at the beginning of the year with the course description. 


Homework: Week of 10/21/19

Read the remaining pages of part II by class on Wednesday. Choose three quotes to respond to in your reading. Turn the quote and response in on Wednesday.

Homework: Week of 10/14/19

The Three Religions Quiz is on Tuesday.

Write two questions that you would like to ask for each of the following characters: Buran/Nasir, Father, Mother, Uncle, Jihha, Gindar and Hassan by class on Tuesday.

Read to page 110 in Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by class on Wednesday.

Final draft of script is due on Thursday.

Character thought bubble is due on Thursday.


Homework: Week of 10/7/2019

Read to the top of page forty-one in Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by class on Tuesday. As you are reading, continue to add details to your character analysis.

"Muhammad and Islam" for your history text is due on Wednesday in your notebook. Complete 1, 2 and 5 on page ninety-six after your reading.

The three religions quiz is on Wednesday.

Homework: Week of 9/30/2019

Complete the first fifteen words on your Seven Daughters and Seven Sons vocabulary sheet and turn in on Wednesday in your notebook.

Read to page 17 in Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by class on Wednesday.

The noun, pronoun and adjective test is on Thursday.

Be prepared to turn quarter one notebooks in on Friday.

Homework: Week of 9/23/2019

Sensory chart from "All Summer in a Day" is due on Tuesday.

Noun sheet # fourteen is due on Tuesday.

Essay rough draft is due on Wednesday. Before getting started, review the front page of the essay packet, page twelve of the SRMS Writing Handbook and the sample essay that we color-coded in class.

Bring your history book to class on Wednesday.

The final draft of persuasive essay is due on Friday. Turn in all prewriting with your final. Refer back to your directions.

Page twenty-three of your adjective sheet is due on Friday.

If you have not completed your freehand map and map questions in class, complete and turn in on Monday.

Homework: Week of 9/16/2019

Finish reading the Justin Lebo non fiction piece and complete the sequence chart that we started in class. The sequence chart is due Tuesday.

Show Don't Tell: The pizza was great is due on Wednesday in your notebook.

Bring your purple literature book to class on Thursday. There's no new homework, as we are finishing our debates. 

The opinion chart out of your persuasive essay packet is due on Friday

Write about a time that you were bullied or experienced a friend or loved one being bullied. This is # ten in your notebook. Due Friday

Homework: Week of 9/9/2019

Show Don't Tell: The morning walk was interesting is due on Tuesday.

Color code "Eleven" for short story elements: Due Wednesday.

Show Don't Tell: The roller coaster ride was fun is due on Thursday in your notebook.

The Short Story Elements and Forms of Literature quiz is on Friday.

Homework:Week of 9/3/2019

Simile Metaphor sheet is due on Wednesday.

Six box figurative language is due on Thursday.

Cultural universal of Sonoma County due Friday in WTL.

Homework: Week of 8/26/19

Interview a parent to help fill in events on your timeline: due Tuesday.

The letter decribing your study habits are due on Thursday in your notebook.

Parallel timelines are due on Friday.


Homework: Week of 8/19/2019

World geography test is on Wednesday.

Typed, personal letter is due on Wednesday.

Classmate posters due on Thursday.

Homework: Week of 8/14/2019

Parent signature on core letter and email form are due on Friday.

Complete the sentence stems (first page of packet) for your personal letter. Due on Friday.